Tuesday, July 14, 2009

junglee tufan tyre puncture!!

travelling by nandys car can never be devoid of danger...it can pose various threats like the fore tyres getting stuck in a gutter at 3.00 am in the morning...with difficult weather conditions inhibiting any help in stormy rains, keeping door keys inside jst before shutting it!!...jst escaping accidents with heavy vehicles!!....getting to pay fines for entering no enteries.... parking in no parking...n many like....
but something that happens with remarkable frequency is the right ...note only the right rear tyre getting punctured repeatedly...however this time it was accompanied with another interesting incident... yes on the palm beach road nandita n i witnessed the phenomenon of amit...the to be mr. nandita actually helping with changing of the tyre for the first time ever since that tyre keeps bursting!! ....n i actually learnt the whole thing abt the jack n the tommy while amit did it all under nandys guidance ...so three cheers to amit n his new gyming habits... n u can call any of us if ur confronted with a junglee tufan or tyre puncture....always ready to help:))))

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