Wednesday, October 28, 2009


it should never be about the person who cheats u, it should always be wat u learnt out of it that u should stop trusting other people,u start cribbing about hopelessness in life,n keep brooding overwhy it was you......?? of my dearest frens often says...ACCHE LOGON KE SAATH HAMESHA ACCHA HOTA HAI PAR DUKH TO SABHI KO JHELNE PADTE HAI... n how suffering comes into ur life u dont know but i believe it comes only to mould train become a better judge n of course a better person...
coming back to the cheats n liars...n how u take this positively....
1)they give u oppurtunity to forgive them
2)they give u an assurance that u definitely have someone better in life to trust n love
3)u are saved of frequent cheating episodes
4)u know ur worth...if ur honest...u know wat u deserve
5)u have an oppurtunity to evolve...jst let go..anyway wat ur trying to hold back is fake!
so dont stop trusting n loving people...cos life is a journey...a search towards ur soulmate....n all those who walk away were never meant for u:)))n a loving heart always deserves true love never a cheat.......


  1. U deserve True Love.........milega jaldi hi milega ... kyonki ...ACCHE LOGON KE SAATH HAMESHA ACCHA HOTA HAI

  2. what is the procedure to declare a person SAINT?

    SAINT VRU n her disciple ST RUCHI!

    n we r ur followers
    (we follow u 2 tk care of ull, nahi toh tum dono kuch bhi kar doge! ;))